Monday, April 26, 2010

Light and Lovely

Photographer Jonas Inger Manor and stylist Cattis Aronsson live with their 6 year old son Herman in this lovely five-room apartment in the south of Stockholm. The apartment is part of a house built in 1940 in the functionalist style, and its modern lines suit the personal aesthetic of Jonas and Cattis, who love classic modern design. Not surprisingly for two creative people who have visual careers, they also love light — both natural (they have lots of windows) and manmade, like the ones scattered throughout their home. The result is a warm ambiance that makes their home a friendly modern space. More photos here, too. Via Hus & Hem.


Anonymous said...

Hi name is Jonas Ingerstedt!

automatism said...

Hi Jonas! Thanks so much for visiting here — your home is beautiful!!!


Arianna said...

What a lovely house!!!! what cool interiors! I especially love that chimney...Gorgeous!

LINDA from OEKE said...

I love everything about this home. Th colour scheme. The light fittings. The dining chairs. The fireplace. Even the shoe collection. They are very talented!

Charlotta Ward said...

Needless to say I feel right at home here, and my Swedish heart is beating fast! :)

No 2 looks so inviting and I love (!) the big red Dalahorse in the last pic.

Thanks for sharing.

x Charlotta

Tanneke said...

Wow, really inspiring interior!