Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Artist Ji Lee writes: "People fill the floor of their homes with furniture and walls with paintings and pictures. So why are the ceilings left empty? Decorating ceilings was a celebrated art form in the past centuries that somehow got lost through the reductionism of modernism. People don't look at the ceiling anymore. It's a dead space. So I wanted to bring a small wink to this space. I also liked the idea that somehow there's a parallel world which coexists with ours."

Such a captivating idea — a teeny and mysterious little living space above the one below. Love. More photos here. Via Please Enjoy.


Shine Little Light said...

So cool! As a lighting designer I always look at ceilings and that big empty space up above. This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Tonia said...

What a great idea: everyone should have a random scene on their ceilings! Loving the hippo and R2-D2 - that would make the husband a very happy man.

d i a n a m u s e said...

Marvelous! Reminds me of Charles Simonds' Dwellings sculptures. I first 'discovered' them years ago in the nooks and crannies of The Whitney's stairwells.

Jaime Klein Daley said...

I think this is why people have started considering ceiling paint again. It's starting in kids rooms (where staring at the ceiling all day is fine) and moving into their parents rooms. See my link on the subject here:


stitchface said...

Love this! So wonderful to take dead space and make it into something weird and whimsical :D