Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Little rituals. I have a lovely little hand made porcelain mug that I use for herbal tea — no particular reason why, other than it just makes it a little more special. What are your daily little rituals?

(photo by kkhelga on flickr, via we heart it)


brigitte said...

Love the tea cup! It's so quaint! :)

I'd say my daily ritual would be having tea in this very large mug (probably three or four cup mug!)

i love it!

sarathira sukiman said...

beautiful piece of cup! to think its handmade, is just amazing.

my daily ritual would be having my coffee in this one particular cup everyday because of its size and shape. if i use another cup,the measurements would be different resulting to a different taste! haha

Lieke said...

I love my daily rituals because they give me peace.
Morning ritual: peppermint tea in a nice cup like this.
Evening ritual: chamomile tea in a large mug.

shari @ little blue deer said...

Oh, so lovely! I love rituals, I enjoy my coffee every morning in a Juliska mug, if you haven't seen their things you should check them out - I'm obsessed!

please sir said...

What a lovely ritual. Mine is along the same lines...chai tea everyday...yum!

L'age moyen said...

I always have tea in a Coalport Countryware breakfast cup and saucer. But that's not out of the ordinary. My little ritual to give me a kick of caffeine before my kids arrive home from school is a cappuccino in a corningware mug with a sweet little blue pattern. Not the famous cornflower pattern (of which I have an enormous collection), but this unusual pale blue pattern. I make the expresso in my one shot Italian expresso pot and heat up some milk and I'm set for the next three hours. Love your blog - so beautiful.

The Lil Bee said...

This one is so pretty:) I love the ritual I have of drinking my coffee in the morning after Devon has her bottle. She's content in her swing watching Sesame Street, and I'm content watching her and easing into the day.