Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Serene Studio

When designer Johanne Riss moved to Paris, she decided to live and work under the same roof, investing in a former artist's studio in the Marais area. Her decorative approach was a simple one — the only changes she made was to paint the space a variety of shades of white and to remove the doors. With the original lights highlighting the wonderfully high ceilings, Johanne's loft is now an open and flowing space, with panels of ecru linen curtains that allow her to add privacy as needed. Calm, inspiring and pretty. Via Marie Claire Maison. Article (in French) here, too.


Shine Little Light said...

ooohhh it's nice but I'm imagining the scuff marks!

TCasteel said...

Do people actually live there? Can people actually live there?
It is gorgeous - makes me think I have too much crap in my life.

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