Monday, February 22, 2010

Danish Retro Modern

Tina Miller, designer and co-owner of children's clothing brand Soft Gallery, and her husband, photographer Simon Ladefoged, weren't deterred by the rather worn 1970s prefabricated building they eventually settled on after months of house hunting — both of them love 1960s and 1970s architecture and design and (despite its need for a bit of work) saw its potential. Their family home, located just outside of Copenhagen, is now a happy mix of retro and modern, livened by their contemporary art collection. See more photos of their home here, too. Via Bolig Magasinet.

(photography by Pernille Kaalund)


Tonia said...

I do love an enormous chalkboard!

Cassie said...

So fresh and clean!

Design Fixation said...

I can't stop looking at that second photo... I think it's the artwork that does it for me. Do you have any idea who the artist is?