Monday, December 14, 2009


Some Mondays seem to be very long indeed — which is why I think it's important to do something extra nice that day. What do you do to make a Monday a little brighter?

(The cute photo is by the wonderful Satoko Yugari on Flickr, via the happy girl I am)

A Danish Christmas

Love the beautiful home of Danish writer Rie Elise Larsen — and her inspired holiday decorating adds a sense of playful festivity to its elegance, too. More photos here. From Bo Bedre, via Sanctuary.

(photography by Lisbett Wedendahl)

Advent Calendar: 14

Going to the office Christmas party doesn't mean you have to dress up as a bearded old man to get into the spirit of things — here's a fashionable and elegant Mrs. Claus, ready for a cranberry cocktail or two.

(photo from my archive of Domino Deco Files)
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