Thursday, December 03, 2009

Nordic Style

Living in Canada as I do, winter often means sacrificing style for warmth when the temperature dips to a freezing -30C. But looking at these photos from a shoot for the Swedish magazine Damernas Värld, I'm inspired to go for a more Nordic approach this year ...

(photography by Lena Koller and styling by Eva Lindh, where I found these images)


This week's links. Enjoy.

Lovely Jane of Ill Seen, Ill Said has a book out! It's called Thither, and it's a gorgeous collection of her photographs from her recent visit home to Ireland. Go look.

Lily and the Muse & The Next Page
What happens when two fab bloggers get together and start tossing around ideas? Two new amazing blogs happen, that's what! This week Tina of the English Muse and Liss of Daydream Lily launched Lily and the Muse, dedicated to girl-friendly video (or as they poetically describe it, "beauty in motion") and The Next Page, which is conceived as a lovely ever changing collage of beauty and inspiration. I know where I'll be visiting regularly ...

Holiday Gifts With a Story to Tell
Interesting NYT article about the increasing move away from mass produced goods and towards more individual and hand made items, such as what you find on sites like Etsy. Very cool.

Polish Film Poster Exhibition
A great selection of Polish film posters that are beautiful, offbeat and inspiring. Via Design Observer.

Unfortunate Cookie
Interactive game with not so positive fortune cookie messages. Silly fun.

Have you checked out the online version of Saveur magazine? Loads of great recipes.

A lovely and inspiring blog that covers fashion, accessories, design and more.

No Country for Old Typewriters
Cormac McCarthy is auctioning off his typewriter. A portable Olivetti purchased in 1963, it was used to write such classics as All the Pretty Horses, The Crossing, No Country for Old Men and The Road. The money will be donated to the Santa Fe Institute, a nonprofit interdisciplinary scientific research organization.

The Art of Manliness
A great site about classic guy stuff — I particularly loved this post on men's hats (and I'm seriously thinking of getting Andrew a porkpie hat). Too cool.

(photo from my archive of Domino Deco Files)

Advent Calendar: 3

Delicate silver accents against snowy white linen napkins on a holiday table.

(photo from my archive of Domino Deco Files)
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