Thursday, November 12, 2009

Snapshot: Tranquility 11

I took this photo last year during the holidays, shortly after we’d moved out of the city. It’s a little blurry and I can’t quite figure out the angle in which I took it, but I love it. Something about it just makes me smile—it conjures up memories of our first Christmas together in our new home and makes me think of what’s to come. This season we’ll have something new to celebrate, since our daughter will have just been born. We’ll have a highchair seated at our Thanksgiving table, another stocking to fill on the mantle, a new ornament to add to the tree, and tons of new memories to make as a family. To me, there is nothing more tranquil than this—being with the people you love most during the holiday season.

— Melisa of the lil bee


Welcome to this week's link buffet. Enjoy.

Living With White
A blog dedicated to the colour white in design finds, homes and interiors. I liked their recent post about the pretty meringue rings by German designer Tanja Hartmann. Via Archinect.

Back Up Your Mac
After my computer meltdown last week, I've been researching various types of backup solutions for my little Mac. This article from Go Media Zine is an excellent overview of backups for creatives — and after my experience I can't emphasize enough how important this is! Via inspiredmag on twitter.

Moon Face Giveaway
Lovely Cassandra Marie of Moon Face is having her very first giveaway! It's a sweet little pendant necklace by Bird in Flight Boutique — hurry over to enter (and to find out about some entry bonuses, too)! Deadline is Monday, November 16 at 10pm PST.

Chocolate Milk May Reduce Inflammation
Here's some cheery health news — a new study suggests that regularly drinking skim milk with flavonoid-rich cocoa may reduce inflammation, potentially slowing or preventing development of atherosclerosis. Yum.

Built to Trash
Thoughtful little opinion piece by Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin on how a possible answer to our overconsumption issues (and the mounds of waste that it engenders) is heirloom design — that is, investing in quality furniture from an earlier generation that (unlike more recent stuff) was built to last. Which I for one am very happy to do!

Rare Jane Austen Letters
I'd love to see these! A major Jane Austen exhibition recently went on display at the Morgan Library and Museum in Manhattan. It features more than 100 items, including rare manuscripts and letters written by the British author to her family — and are full of the author's famous sharp wit and spirited sense of humour.

Automatism Atelier Love
Lovely Tina of the English Muse blog wrote a very nice post about my shop this week — thanks so much again, Tina! Do have a good browse around while you're there, too. Her blog is wonderful.

Nigella Lawson
Just discovered the Nigella Lawson website, and had to share. Enjoy exploring — and happy cooking!

(photograph from my archive of Domino Deco Files)
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