Thursday, November 05, 2009

Snapshot: Tranquility 10

living in the south.....
.....we don't see much snow
on march 1, 2009
we had our first......
and last... snowfall of the season
my daughter snapped a quick picture
with her small camera,
before it all melted.
this much snow,
and school was already canceled for the next day
.....and the city pretty much shut down.
the peace of untouched snow

— Michelle of blue moss

Minimum Colour, Maximum Style

Another favourite post for you today! Hopefully by tomorrow my ailing little Mac will be back from the shop, and I'll be happily posting new finds for you. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this lovely home from Denmark, which I first wrote about in April 2009.

This is the elegantly simple apartment of Danish stylist Sidsel Zachariassens. Sidsel opted for the minimal black and white palette as a way of simplifying her own surroundings, since as a stylist she spends a lot of time looking for inspiration in magazines, attending exhibitions, trade shows and browsing in decor stores. With so much visual stimuli on the job, she was finding it difficult to keep it all outside her own four walls (past versions of her apartment have included schemes of grey and lavender, as well as brown and orange). She finds her new limited palette actually very freeing, as it makes it easy for her to keep to the style of the apartment while avoiding impulse purchases — something she previously found difficult to control as she spends so much time on the job shopping. You can see more of Sidsel's apartment here, too. Via Bolig Magazine. (photography by Carsten Seidel)
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