Thursday, October 15, 2009

Snapshot: Tranquility 7

This image is my idea of tranquility. It has everything I am drawn to — great architecture, silhouettes and the last light of the day. The day I took this photo, I was surrounded by tourists taking photos of the Guggenheim and people kept telling me to move to another spot where the trees wouldn't "ruin" the photo. I kept saying thank you but I stayed where I was. This was perfect for me. That pink light, that leaf which looks like a stencil for a pattern and the simple lines of the Guggenheim.

— Alice of Alice Olive

(the lovely photograph is by Alice)


This week's links. Enjoy.

New Leonardo da Vinci Work Discovered
A fingerprint clue has led to what may be the first major Leonardo Da Vinci find for 100 years. The portrait, previously known as Young Girl in Profile in Renaissance Dress, measures 13 x 9in and is in chalk, pen and ink on vellum, mounted on an oak board. An exciting story of detective work in the art world. Via ArtNet.

We Make Words
A fun blog that literally creates words out of all kinds of things — leaves, orange peel, bobby pins, biscuits, ribbon, flowers and more. Pretty, imaginative and fun. Via Heavy Backpack.

FTC Decides Bloggers Must Disclose Freebies
The Federal Trade Commission has for the first time taken steps to regulate blogging, mandating that testimonials reflect typical results — eventually it will require that writers on the Web clearly disclose any freebies or payments they get from companies for reviewing their products. It will be interesting to see how this develops ...

A Salute to Gourmet Covers
A slideshow of classic Gourmet covers picks the plums from its 69 year history. Very cool (and hunger-inducing). Via Design Observer.

A World Redrawn
Almost five centuries ago, a map inspired the Polish astronomer Nicholas Copernicus to develop one of the most important arguments ever made in the history of ideas: the earth was not immobile at the center of the universe — rather, it revolved around the sun.

Beard Revue
A blog devoted to ... beards. Silly and fun. Via the Creative Review blog.

The Lost Pleasure of Browsing
Pianist and author Charles Rosen, now in his 80s, reflects on a lifetime of browsing in bookstores.

Autumnal Brunch
The wonderful Donna Hay has a great menu for a lovely autumn-themed brunch — recipes include cranberry and pistachio toasted muesli, swiss cheese spinach and ham brioches, spiced pastries and more.

(photograph from my archive of Domino Deco Files)
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