Thursday, October 01, 2009

Snapshot: Tranquility 5

This picture embodies serenity and calm. Books to take me away and stimulate my mind. A soft bed of grass to lay down on in hazy light and breezes to play with my hair. Silence, wind, birds...the sound of nature moving around me as I fade away. This is tranquility.

— Jennifer of Bits of Beauty

(the photograph chosen by Jennifer is by Samantha Lamb)


This week's links. Enjoy.

If Only
From the Guardian: "Leading figures from the worlds of entertainment, science and business reveal the inventions they wish existed, with a view to encouraging Britain's budding young scientists and engineers to enter the National Science and Engineering Competition." Really great idea, with fun illustrations by Damien Weighill.

LACMA Collections Online

The beautifully designed online collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has over 70,000 works of art from around the world. An amazing resource for art lovers and art students.

Booker Prize 2009 Shortlist
The Guardian has put together a great collection of video, audio, reviews, interviews and features about this year's Booker Prize. Worth checking out.

Anatomical Diagrams of Mythical Japanese Monsters
Odd. But fascinating. Written by Shoji Otomo and published in 1967, the book features detailed illustrations by Shogo Endo of what various Japanese monsters (Godzilla, Mothra and more) look like on the inside. Perfect for nerdy movie fans. Via huntinglodge.

Camilla Engman
The stunningly talented artist Camilla Engman has a lovely blog, too.

Anglo-Saxon Hoard Discovered
Who doesn't love stories about the discovery of a fabulous treasure? Discovered a week or so ago in a field in Staffordshire, England, it's the largest hoard of gold from the period ever found — and brought tears to the eyes of one expert upon viewing it.

For Goodness' Sake
The latest wonderful illustrated piece by Maira Kalman for the New York Times.

Artichoke and Potato Ragout
This sounds like a lovely accompaniment to a fall supper. Adapted from The Union Square Cafe Cookbook by Mary of Food o' del Mundo. Via Tastespotting.

(photograph from my archive of Domino Deco File images)
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