Thursday, September 17, 2009

Snapshot: Tranquility 3

For me, there is something about this stunning photograph that signifies tranquility. The female subject in the photograph appears relaxed and pensive, seduced by her serene surroundings. I sourced this photograph for a post I created in June, accompanied with the following quote: "... in the cathedral hush of a Quebec Indian summer with the lake drawing into its mirror the fire of the maples, it came to me that to be able to love the mystery surrounding us is the final and only sanction of human existence." The photograph combined with the quote are one of my most treasured posts.

— Linda of Simply Seductive

(The lovely photograph is by Linus Lohoff, and the wonderful quote is from the book The Watch That Ends the Night by Canadian author Hugh MacLennan. See Linda's original post here)


This week's links. Enjoy.

Two Talk
Inspired by the wonderful A Year of Mornings project, Lisa and Mary of the international charity SOS Children decided to have a daily online conversation, sharing great photos but with a slightly different twist. Their charity helps millions of children to have secure homes and for thousands of families to stay together — but Lisa and Mary wanted to know just what these figures really mean for people. After a year spent looking into the details of what their charity does, they launched Two Talk, where each day they share with each other the daily details about how SOS Children has helped children, turning abstract numbers into inspiring stories about living breathing human beings.

Mieke Willems
Belgian blogger Mieke Willems has one of the most charming blogs I've seen. Lovely.

Monopoly City Streets
Google has teamed up with the people behind Monopoly to launch a global online version running on top of Google Maps and perhaps Google Earth. Wow. From Digital Urban, via things magazine.

Top 10 Agatha Christie Mysteries
John Curran picks what he considers Christie's 10 best mystery novels. I have a soft spot for Agatha Christie — she was probably the first "adult" novelist I read when I was a kid — and I quite enjoy seeing David Suchet as Poirot in the various film adaptations.

The Muppet Show's 10 Weirdest Moments
Loved this show — and here's some of the more eccentric moments from that wonderful series. (Note: this list is on a site that has rather strongly worded comments at times, so please review before sharing with the kiddies) Via Mental Floss.

Who's On First?
David Bukszpan and Michael Kravetsky of Novel-T recently released a line of literary-themed baseball shirts. Advertised as a way to “wear your read” and support the real heroes of American culture, each one features a symbolic number on the back and an insignia on the front — a tell-tale heart or raven for Edgar Allan Poe, a patch of grass for Walt Whitman. Fun idea. Via ArtsJournal.

David Byrne's Perfect City
Musician and artist David Byrne describes his perfect city. Via 3 Quarks Daily.

Grilled Pepper and Oregano Soup with Goat's Cheese Cream
With the weather getting cooler, I'm starting to think about making soups again — this one looks rather lovely. By Ilva of Lucullian Delights, via Tastespotting (and if you need one — a handy step by step guide to roasting red peppers here)

(photograph via my Domino Deco File archive)
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