Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Moments of Beauty

The most mundane of objects can take on a whole new beauty when presented in an unusual way. Love this installation comprised of simple knit gloves by artist Anu Tuominen. Via slow progress, by way of gold grass.

Tom Ngo

Ghost Town Precious
This construction combines the themes of permanence and the ephemeral. Shoddily constructed with hints of integrity, the structure has a ghost-town quality.

Swing Set Houses
A pair of houses are attached to a large swing-set structure. The houses share a communal circulation core and next door is an individual swing for one person.

No Other Way
A dream house for a meat grinder collector. The above building is constructed of four like facades presenting him a new home every time he arrives by balloon. The structure below is a mental retreat from his constantly changing everyday.

Toronto-based architect Tom Ngo was inspired to use his drafting skills in a new way after accidentally finding a paint set. The result, a beautiful, detailed series of drawings called Ghost Town Precious, takes architecture to new and surreal places. The fascinating titles and notes are by the artist and are an integral part of each piece. Via Art MoCo.
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