Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Simple Pleasures

A favourite cafĂ©. The one I used to be a regular at for years is sadly now gone — still looking for another (independent) one to haunt.

(photo by lypton village on flickr, via we heart it)

Sleek Modern

Spanish multidisciplinary architect Luis Alonso specializes in building sports facilities, but for his own home in central Barcelona he built vertically rather than horizontally, with lots of glass that allows the natural daylight in. Inside, the light warms the exposed concrete, which is used in a straightforward way and contrasts with the metal and warm wood tones. Modern technology has also been utilized — besides energy-saving windows, the Alonsos have a new twist on the family photo album, with plasma screens scattered throughout the house projecting more than 5,000 photos taken by the owners. With the addition of bright colour on the walls and furniture, the house comes alive and makes it clear that this is a happy family home. More photos and article (in Spanish) on the Nuevo Estilo site.

Atelier: Sarah Norris

Recently I had a lovely browse through the Etsy shop of photographer Sarah Norris, who brings a sensitive eye and distinctive style to subject matter ranging from the architectural to delicate nature studies. There's a gentle nostalgic wistfulness to her work — and the stories she shares about each photo are wonderful, too. She also has a website, where she features more of her portrait work.
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