Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Moments of Beauty

A happy combination of art and nature. This swooningly beautiful photograph is by one of my favourite photographers — Kari Herer. Have a look at more of her work on her lovely website, and on her Etsy shop, where she sells prints of her wonderful images.

Blog Love: Luxirare

Luxirare definitely lives up to its subtitle of Killer Clothes + Fine Cuisine, being a fascinating blog devoted to fashion and food — both made equally well (with stunning step by step photographs) by its author. Shown here is a recent post she did on gourmet potato crisps. Amazing, beautiful and addictive. Via Tastespotting.

Last Memories of Summer

Lilac summerdays in the South of France with the perfume of lavender in the air, farmers markets in every Proven├žal town, that means pure summer feeling for me.

— Britta of my black book

(collage of beautiful photographs of the South of France are all by Britta)
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