Thursday, July 23, 2009

Snapshot: Summer 4

I grew up on an island, so the sea is deeply entrenched in my childhood memories. In summer especially, we would spend time at the seaside, paddling, hunting in rock-pools, eating dilisc seaweed or periwinkles and even swimming in warm summer rain. So, the idea of summer is inextricably linked with the sea. Even though this shot is not mine, it captures a moment that sums up my perfect summer feeling. How I wish I were in that moment!

— Jane of Ill Seen, Ill Said

(The lovely photograph chosen by Jane is by keepcalmcarryon on Flickr)


This week's selection of links. Enjoy.

Over the Moon: Fashion and Space
Women's Wear Daily has a fun piece on how the Space Race fueled a creative moment, inspiring architects, directors and fashion designers. Via WWD on Twitter.

Sixty-One Essential Postmodern Reads
From Jacket Copy, the book blog of the LA Times — an annotated list of 61 essential postmodern books, ranging from Tristram Shandy (which could be said to be the very first postmodern novel) to Gravity's Rainbow. Excellent reading. Via The New Yorker.

100 Fast and Easy Summer Recipes
The Observer celebrated their 100th issue by asking top chefs, food writers and foodies for their quickest and easiest summer recipes. Deliciously healthy fast food.

hard rain light
Lovely blog about art and fashion that's intelligent and beautiful.

Advertising 101
Design*Sponge has just created a fantastic guide for small business owners on successfully advertising online. Loads of great advice and ideas.

Inside the Mathematical Mind
Fascinating audio slideshow combining photographer Mariana Cook’s stunning portraits of mathematicians with narration from five of her subjects reflecting on topics ranging from painting and music to the nature of abstract thought. Via Seed Magazine.

Recession Aesthetics
Designer Angela Riechers muses on how the recession has influenced her aesthetic choices in the grocery store, looking more closely at exactly what high and low end packaging says to consumers about its contents. Via Design Observer.

Jesse LeDoux Wallpaper
Fun desktop wallpaper by illustrator Jesse LeDoux. Via design freebies.

(photograph via Domino's Deco Files)
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