Monday, May 25, 2009


Hope your Monday is off to a good start! I love the sense of playfulness in this photograph by the ten cent designer — a great reminder not to take things too seriously this week. Via Holga.

A House in the Trees

This small modern home of glass and wood in St. Peter, Austria, is a nest by nature — it sits perched on concrete stilts among the surrounding trees, which provide privacy and the impression of being deep in a forest. Constructed as a pair of modules, with a total area of 220 square metres, the two main rooms look out over the trees and have a lovely filtered natural light during the day. Underneath, a summer dining room has been created, with a curtain of white cotton that slides around the base when a more intimate atmosphere is desired. With its simple palette of wood, slate and glass, this arboreal home lends itself to a more contemplative way of living, above the noise and distraction of the surrounding city. Via Marie Claire Maison.
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