Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Simple Pleasures

Playfulness. Studies say that a good sense of humour contributes to a longer, healthier and happier life — but never mind all that, let's do something fun! Photograph from Yimmys Yayo, via best episode ever.

P.S. This photo totally needs a caption. Thoughts?

Update: The playful photographer is Ms. Bird, and that's her adorable little dog Eloise sweetly posing! More photos of Eloise here, too. Thanks so much for the info, Annie!

Invitation to Calm

Looking out over the Ibizan countryside, designer Peter Schmidt's serene home is a quiet refuge from the busy world, its pure geometric lines a calm contrast to the bright colours of nature surrounding it. With its monastic atmosphere, it's a space that lends itself to long, tranquil days communing with the beauty found both outside and in. More photographs here, too. Via Nuevo Estilo.

Caro Borquez

I love this pretty line of reversible tote bags by Caro Borquez. Perfect for adding a playful punch of colour to an outfit — or for just making shopping a whole lot more fun! See more good stuff at her Etsy shop here.
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