Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Simple Pleasures

A note of luxury. It can be a dash of deep red lipstick when wearing a tee and jeans, using real bone china for your afternoon tea, or fresh flowers for no reason. It's all about appreciating one's life. Lovely photo from Jane's wonderful Fondly Seen, via Coco+Kelley.

Pietari Posti

Love these beautiful drawings by Finnish-born illustrator Pietari Posti, part of a sketchbook of Barcelona, where he now lives. Gorgeous work. You can view more (plus his professional portfolio) here. Via weheartit.

Cinema: Useless

A beautiful still from the 2007 film Useless by Chinese director Jia Zhang-ke, described by film critic David Bordwell as "...a free fantasia on the theme of China as apparel-house to the world." Read the rest of the review here (you'll need to scroll down a fair bit). But I'm even keener to see the film Mid-Afternoon Barks by Zhang Yuedong, which sounds exactly like my fave type of film — surreal and comic at the same time (and is reviewed in the same post as Useless).
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