Friday, May 01, 2009


Happy weekend! Hope there's lots of blue skies and sunshine where you are. This lovely photograph is of the early May flower fields in the Alentejo region of Portugal, by aremac on Flickr. This must be absolutely stunning to experience first hand ...

(via weheartit)

Domino Archive: Library

I've always been a very bookish person, so figuring out how and where to store my books is a constant challenge. Here are some inspiring options I discovered in Domino's Deco Files — hope they give you some great ideas too!

Sponsor Love: Holme

I'm thrilled to introduce you to Holme, a wonderful online shop specializing in high quality vintage clothing and accessories for both women and men. A new venture from Genevieve, who already runs the great vintage homewares shop Thorwald, Holme has been a huge success from the start — Genevieve says she's been extremely busy just keeping up with the demand! Which doesn't surprise me at all, as Genevieve has the most amazing eye. Here you might find a 1920s flapper dress, or a 1980s Dior satin vest — and everything in between, too. As each item is one of a kind (and liable to go fast!), do check back regularly to see what's new — or subscribe to the Holme newsletter (or the Twitter feed for instant shop updates) so you see Genevieve's latest finds as they come in. Happy shopping!
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