Monday, March 09, 2009

Paris Zen

The Paris home of Japanese-born couturier Kenzo is literally built around an exquisite traditional Zen garden, which serves as a welcome escape from city life and work. Inside can be found a harmonious blend of Eastern and Western influences, with a traditional Japanese interior enhanced by the beautiful objets d'art picked up by Kenzo in his extensive travels all over the world. You can see more photographs and read more about this lovely home here. Via Marie Claire Maison.

Thoughts About Decorating

Looking at this photo of a serene interior, it occurred to me that it's a perfect response to those who worry that having a lovely home requires lots of money. I feel that having a beautiful home is really about taking care — care in what you place in your home, and how you display it once it's in there. It's also about learning how to keep your eyes open to unexpected sources of beauty, too — here a stray dead branch becomes a sculptural accent, setting off the blue dresser perfectly. Just some random thoughts for a Monday ...

(photo via Domino's Deco Files)
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