Thursday, February 05, 2009


This week's selection of links, just for you. Happy browsing!

A Life Well Lived
James Danziger of The Year in Pictures blog has an excellent post about Dina Vierny, who recently passed away at the age of 89. Her life was so adventurous and extraordinary that it's difficult to sum it up, but she began as a model for the sculptor Aristide Maillol while she was a lycée student in Paris, rejuvenating his career, and eventually founded a museum dedicated to his work. In the same period when she was modeling, Ms. Vierny, who had joined the Resistance early on during World War II, led refugees from Nazism across the Pyrenees into Spain as part of an American organization operating out of Marseille. And there's more. An amazing woman with an amazing story.

What the Well-Dressed Snowman (or Lady) is Wearing
Cute article by Guardian fashion writer Jess Cartner-Morley, who takes a look at what the snowpeople are wearing this season, thanks to a record snowfall in the U.K. (last really big one was 18 years ago). Via The Thoughtful Dresser.

Hand Made Font
A great site with the quirkiest typefaces I've ever seen — here is the go-to place for anyone looking for a font made out of donuts, twisted wire, grass, wool, styrofoam — well, the list goes on. Amazingly inventive and lots of fun, too. Via Aesthetic Outburst.

Cute Food
Bentomom is the Flickr name of a Japanese mom who prepares amazing bento boxes (Japanese box lunches) for her two small children each morning, then photographs and posts them on Flickr. Stunning presentation — and not surprisingly her kids love them (and eat all their veggies, too)!

Around the World in 80 Books
The Penguin Blog has a fun project on right now — its aim is to travel around the world in eighty books (approximately) with the help of its readers. There are two main rules: (1) Travel can only be between countries that share a border, or are on either side of a body of water that needs crossing (so, England-France-Spain-Portugal-Morocco-USA is fine, but not Japan-Mongolia-Finland); and (2) The suggested book can be set in the country, set in one city of that country, or even set in space but by a famous author from that country, with bonus points for translations get bonus points, and a preference for fiction. They're on the third leg of the trip now ...

Probably the Most Boring Blog Ever
The cheeky name of a great fashion blog, written by someone who brings a keen eye to the collections — particularly the more avant garde designers.

I Lego New York
Artist Christophe Niemann recently moved his wife and three sons back to Berlin after 11 years in New York. Recently he joined his sons for a Lego session, which resulted in a recreation of his memories of living in the Big Apple. Creative and fun.

Google Explores the Oceans
Google is set to announce the expansion of its Google Earth project soon — one which will probe the depths of the ocean, adding previously unknown underwater imagery and seabed maps. The move will take Google Earth closer to its aim of creating a complete digital representation of our planet, as well as enabling scientists to more accurately study the effect of climate change on the world's seas and oceans.

Top Ten Tips for Selling on Etsy
Amanda of the every little thing blog is also an experienced Etsy seller — here she shares her insights on how to get the most out of your own Etsy shop.

The great dining area was photographed by Simon Upton, for Domino (sigh).

Armchair Traveler: Venice

This lovely photograph of a classic Venetian scene is a tiny jewel — it measures just 2.5" x 3.5". It's by Marisa Allegra Williams and is available as a print from her Etsy shop, Memories and Dreams. Wouldn't it be pretty in a tiny ornate gold frame against a white wall?
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