Sunday, February 01, 2009


We've had a lot of snow again lately — the pretty fluffy kind that looks beautiful against the night sky. The hush of evening snowfall reminds me of this still from the film Into Great Silence, a documentary by Philip Groening about the Grande Chartreuse monastery, a silent monastic order in the French Alps. Must see this film someday ...

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Tina of The English Muse is a newspaper writer by trade, and started her blog as a way of sharing with like minded people the lovely, inspiring and uplifting details of life. So, while she reported for the news last week on the Obama inauguration in DC, with three columns on all the celebrities who were there at the various concerts, galas and parties, for The English Muse she wrote of the small perfect moments amidst all the excitement. There were the patriotic swags of bunting over doorways in honour of the event, the pretty glazing of frost on the Potomac river — and a free jazz concert at the Kennedy Center one night inspired a post on jazz album covers and photos. As Tina notes, everyone is struggling with the economy, so a stop at a cheerful blog is a reminder that you don't need lots of money to live well.

Jill of Jillry describes herself as starting her day waking up and falling out onto the beads — the beads used in crafting her jewelry, that is! Using unique hand selected stones as well as beads, Jill has made her lovely wearable pieces for enthusiastic clients in her native Baton Rouge for ten years. Recently she decided to share her work online at her shop on Etsy, where her delicate work, enlivened with colourful touches, has found a new audience — though she still finds time to do custom orders, just as she always has for her regulars in her home town, who request regular wardrobe updates!
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