Friday, January 09, 2009


Happy weekend! Hope it's a good one. Incidentally, this great room with the perfect shelves is also a bit of a hint. Over the next few days or so I'll be making a few changes to the layout of automatism, so keep an eye on the left side of this site, where'll I'll be adding a few (virtual) shelves! The lovely photograph is from Jane's wonderful Fondly Seen site.

Kareem Rizk

I had an email earlier this week from one of my absolute fave collage artists, Kareem Rizk, who's back in the studio after a four month tour around the world (which sounds wonderful). He's got lots of lovely new prints up at The Suitcase, his Etsy site. Well worth a good browse — or purchase, as these are all very affordable, too.

Cover Love

Just saw this beautiful October 1947 Harpers Bazaar cover, with its elegant photograph by Ernst Beadle and design by Alexey Brodovitch and had to share. And after seeing this, I'm now seriously coveting the gorgeous book of Brodovitch's design work by Gabriel Bauret that it's taken from, called Alexey Brodovitch. Via Will Kane's Flickr page (where you can see a few more examples, too).
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