Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Danish Beauty

Danish architect Sara Giese definitely isn't afraid of a challenge — she transformed a house that consisted of six small dark rooms into her spacious, light filled and open home in just six weeks. Creating this wasn't easy, though — Sara worked full time at the architecture studio while she renovated, with her days beginning with a seven o'clock meeting for a briefing with the workmen, then off to work, followed by evenings spent working on the walls, filling holes and painting until after midnight. Looking at the stunning results, I'd say it was well worth the effort. Gorgeous. You can see more of Sara's home on the Bolig Magasinet site, too. Discovered via My Scandinavian Retreat.

(photographs by Pernille Kaalund)


Alice Olive said...

She had great bones to work with as well - those high ceilings and those amazingly tall windows are wonderful!

chelsea said...


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