Monday, November 09, 2009


Hope today starts off on a happy note — and then sets the tone for your whole week, too. The photo of the sweet teacup and saucer (which makes me feel cheerful just looking at it) is by ghostlings on Flickr. Via the happy girl I am.


Vanilla Press said...

Very cute little cup & saucer!

giulia said...

That is a darling birdy, too. Slurp. OK, that was GG. Get off the laptop, you redheaded devil.'

OK, it's me (Susan). Just yesterday, as I was making tea, I realized that I've not one cup & saucer in this apt. any longer. Must be remedied & will be in coming weeks. Thrifts + consignment shops + IKEA, here I come.

Have a good week, Lori.


Vivi said...

The cutest! From just the kind of tea set a little girl should own... (or me...).

Cassandra Marie said...

That is a cheery little tea cup and saucer!

Bo said...

aaaah, that's just too cute!
such little pretty things really make me smile :)

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