Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Simple Pleasures

Walking in the warm summer rain, splashing through puddles. Photograph by lmkemper on Flickr, via carrotsandpeas.

From Stable to Loft

Love this amazing loft space in Brussels. Formerly a stable house, it's been converted into a multipurpose space that houses a photography studio, office space and a living area. Rather than drastically renovating, though, the original structural elements have carefully been preserved, and simply unified by white paint. Stalls are now rooms, while the central open space serves as a meeting/dining area. Modernity with character. More photos here, too. Via LoftLife.

(photographed by Ocvirk Kus Danica)

Monday, June 29, 2009


Hope that today brings a glimpse of good things just on the horizon. Beautiful photograph from The Drifter and the Gypsy, via Javiera.

Andrzej Kramarz

Polish photographer Andrzej Kramarz spent two-and-a-half years photographing the fascinating (and at times bizarre) collections of objects he discovered at flea markets in Kraków. The results of his thoughtful studies can be seen in his book Zeczy (Things), published by Seweryn Udziela Ethnographic Museum. You can see more wonderful images from his book (with commentary by Dariusz Czaja) here. I think I could spend whole days wandering through these flea markets — just amazing. Via Lens Culture.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Every Thursday over the course of the summer, the Snapshot posts on automatism will be guest hosted by fantastic bloggers from all over — Australia, Canada, Italy and the USA — who'll share with us a photograph of what is for them the essence of summer. Beautiful photos, with beautiful memories and thoughts that I know you'll love. See you on Thursday ...

(photograph via vb)

Friday, June 26, 2009


Happy weekend! Hope it's sunny and fun. Pretty photograph from Javiera, via Just Be Splendid.

Domino Archive: Green

Fresh, verdant shades of green from Domino's Deco Files, for summery inspiration.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Welcome to this week's links — enjoy.

Judy Holliday: An Appreciation
A wonderful appreciation by Stefany Anne Golberg of one of my all time favourite actors — Judy Holliday. Beautiful and brainy, Judy also had the most utterly perfect comic timing — if you haven't seen her in the classic Born Yesterday, you're in for a treat. Via The Smart Set.

Helen Dardik Bookplates
Yay! Awesome illustrator Helen Dardik is generously offering free downloadable bookplates on her blog, Orange You Lucky — choose from three cute designs, all ready to be printed out. Via How About Orange.

Peter Greenaway Brings Veronese to Life
This sounds like a spectacular show. For the Venice Biennale, artist and filmmaker Peter Greenaway has taken Veronese's High Renaissance painting The Wedding at Cana and turned it into a "... 50-minute digital extravaganza of light, sound, theatrical illusion and formal dissection ... projected onto and around a full-scale replica of (the painting).” Via Andrew (thanks!)

Did Cooking Make Us Human?
Harvard biological anthropologist and primatologist Richard Wrangham explores why humans evolved a need for cooked food in his new book, Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human. He's come up with some surprising conclusions. Via Seed Magazine.

Pasta With Sun-Dried Tomatoes
And while we're talking about food — a delicious-looking pasta recipe by Ina Garten of the Barefood Contessa, perfect for a hot weather supper.

Top Ten Books About Brothers
James Runcie picks ten novels dealing with the complex relationships between brothers, ranging from The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoyevsky to The Tale of Three Brothers by JK Rowling.

Elegant Thrift
Grace at Design*Sponge has a great post this week about the home of Morgan Satterfield, who has the most amazing looking space — and makes it a rule to never spend more than $100 on any item for her home. An excellent lesson on how a great looking interior is all about having a good eye, rather than a good (sized) budget.

Letter From the Future
From the Boston Globe article by James O'Brien: "[O]n June 4, a laborer working on construction of the new American Wing at the Museum of Fine Arts knocked a hole in a wall and saw an envelope sticking out of the rubble." It was "a typewritten note from 1926, a letter to the future from a long-ago laborer who helped build the wall." I love this kind of thing — a window into everyday life long ago. Via ArtsJournal.

Photograph via Domino's Deco Files


Just looking at this pretty photograph instantly makes me feel more cheerful — hope it makes you happy, too. Via Restart My Heart.

Stone + Mann Design

I had a lovely email earlier this week from Jackie of Stone + Mann, introducing me to the beautiful line of scarves and pillows she and her husband Kent design for their company. Their work is influenced by photography, architecture, nature and pure, simple color, and is carried in boutiques from New York to San Franciso. Shown here is just a sampling of their wonderful creations — do go and have a look at the rest of their (gorgeously designed) site, too. I have a feeling I may succumb and order a scarf soon ...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Moments of Beauty

An ethereally beautiful bride, straight out of a fairy tale. Detail of a wedding gown and veil by Nina Ricci, Haute Couture Spring-Summer 1997. Via reminiscing.

Colourful Inspiration

Rooms that make great use of colour — brightly, subtly, or somewhere in between. From the colour series in VT Wonen.

Sponsor Spotlight

Amanda of the wonderful vintage furniture shop Amandromeda has just added a new clothing section called The Dressing Room, where you'll find cool vintage clothing, handbags, and jewelry. Amanda plans to expand it in the future, so keep checking back to see what's new. Shown here is a cute little floral dress with pockets — perfect on its own, with leggings or jeans, or tossed over a swimsuit at the beach.

Danielle of Stitchface is getting ready for Canada Day on July 1 with some patriotic new additions to her shop — beavers! An industrious little creature and the official Canadian symbol, Danielle's versions are much more cuddly than the real thing, and make a great gift or souvenir, too. Shown here is Leave it to Beaver in a soft velvety version, all in upcycled materials.

Kareem has been really busy lately, with the launch of a catalogue of 18 prints (including 7 brand new ones) at InPRNT, three new prints and an interview at I Vote For Art, and a line of great new t-shirts at White With One. Plus, some of his prints and originals are now available at Art Garage Sale. You can also check out photos from his recent solo show at Art Whino Gallery, too. I just hope Kareem's remembering to sleep now and then!

Jennifer of Lift Your Spirits is sharing another great inexpensive decorating tip with us this month, saying: "A fun way to freshen up the living room is to buy a new pillow or two." Jennifer recommends two of her favourite Etsy shops for lovely and affordable cushion covers — The Home Centric and Cobocollective — and Ikea for the pillow inserts. On the left is The Home Centric's Vintage Square Pillow Cover in Satin Ivory Ruffles, and on the right is Cobocollective's Jess-Alexander Henry Floral Print.

Besides selling her lovely prints on their own, Rachael of Number Eight also has a line of framed prints in her shop, including the one shown here, called Desdemona. A signed giclée print of a mysterious green-eyed beauty, set off in a delicate pink wire window-style frame, it's a one off piece with the title of the print, signature and the date on the back. This would definitely make a pretty addition to any room.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Simple Pleasures

Good kitchen tools — they make cooking so much more enjoyable. I have a wooden spoon that I always reach for, over several others — it's just the right weight and shape, and always reaches the awkward corners of the pot when making a sauce or busily stirring risotto. Do you have an old favourite in the kitchen that you always turn to?

The lovely photograph is by Atlanta Bartlett

Inside Roy Lichtenstein's Studio

Photographer Laurie Lambrecht worked as a part-time assistant to Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein from 1990 to 1992, helping him to inventory his studio in preparation for his 1993 retrospective at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan. Lichtenstein encouraged Lambrecht to take photographs of the process, and her new series is a rare insider's view of the painter's studio and working environment. See more photos and read the rest of the Lens Culture article here, too. Via 3quarksdaily.

(all photographs of Lichtenstein's work here are by Laurie Lambrecht)
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