Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Petite and Pretty

Decorator Ann Blanchester's 51 square metre apartment may be small, but it feels surprisingly spacious, thanks to her decision to go up. Taking advantage of the unusually high ceilings in her home, she added floor to ceiling built-in cupboards and closets in the kitchen and hallway, giving herself lots of unobtrusive storage. Details such as removing the door frames and extending the doorways all the way up to the ceiling are another clever way of creating a feeling of spaciousness, while doubling up on the use of the main rooms — such as a dining room that also works as an office (the sliding door cabinets hide the printer and copier) — also keeps everything streamlined. Add an easygoing mix of the rare (such as the antique Chinese vase) and the affordable (lots of Ikea finds) and it's clear that Ann's home is a friendly as well as a comfortable space to live in. More photos here, too. Via Sk├Âna hem.

(Photography by Pernille Hed)


Jane Flanagan said...

Very lovely and calm

thevintagechair said...

I just love the coffee table with wheels. I've been wanting to make one for so long! I see them in pictures everywhere! What a great space.

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