Friday, May 29, 2009


Happy weekend! Hope it's a sumptuously lovely one. This beautiful photograph is by Nick Bartoletti, on Flickr. Via the wonderful {Bits of Beauty}

Domino Archive: Occasional Tables

From the Domino Deco Files, little tables with charm and personality.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


This week's selection of links. Enjoy.

Finally, A New Film for Polaroid?
After all the talk, it looks like it's really going to happen. A small group of Dutch scientists and an Austrian entrepreneur have now dedicated themselves to the task of reinventing Polaroid’s instant film. Keeping my fingers crossed. Via Design Observer.

NPR Summer Reading List 2009
Lots of great suggestions for summer reading to suit every mood — and everyone.

Blue Moss
A lovely blog dedicated to pretty things — and be sure to have a look at the wonderful blue moss etsy shop, too, featuring jewelry made from found and vintage items.

The Case for Working With Your Hands
An eloquent argument about how work that involves manual labour requires as much (if not at times more) in the way of intelligence and complexity of problem-solving as desk-oriented jobs, and is deserving of much more respect than it often receives.

Evil Lair: On the Architecture of the Enemy in Videogame Worlds
Fun look at the architectural influences and ideas behind the design of bad guy lairs in videogames. BLDGBLOG, via things magazine.

Alice Munro Wins Booker!
Canadian short story writer Alice Munro has won the Man Booker International Prize. Fantastic.

What's More Alive Than You
Andreas, a fine arts student at the Royal Academy in London, emailed me recently about a project he's participating in — WMATY, a new Milan-based fashion/art initiative open to artists, architects, fashion designers and other creative people interested in designing shoes, bags and fashion accessories. If your design submissions are accepted, WMATY will cover the costs of production and distribution and sell the items on their website, while the designer pockets the (6%) royalties. Deadline to enter is July 3 2009.

Twitter for Designers: 85+ of the Best

Mashable has assembled a great list of designers who tweet about everything from their design process to their own projects, and who share design resources from all over the web, too. Via Print Magazine.

Photograph via Domino's Deco Files

Harmonie Intérieure

I had a lovely email recently from Fabien of the wonderful Harmonie Intérieure, the typographic wall sticker company he runs with his wife Frédérique from their beautiful country home near the central mountains of France, where they live with their daughter Thaïs. Besides the examples here and on their website, you can see more of their work on their flickr set here. Or you can simply have a look at their stunning home, too!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Moments of Beauty

Portrait of a charming little mermaid. Called Sea Fan, this lovely underwater photograph is by the wonderful Sugarock99, and is available as a print, too. Via Ullabenulla.

Update: The photographer's real name is Elena Kalis. Thanks so much, Ms. Jenn!

Petite and Pretty

Decorator Ann Blanchester's 51 square metre apartment may be small, but it feels surprisingly spacious, thanks to her decision to go up. Taking advantage of the unusually high ceilings in her home, she added floor to ceiling built-in cupboards and closets in the kitchen and hallway, giving herself lots of unobtrusive storage. Details such as removing the door frames and extending the doorways all the way up to the ceiling are another clever way of creating a feeling of spaciousness, while doubling up on the use of the main rooms — such as a dining room that also works as an office (the sliding door cabinets hide the printer and copier) — also keeps everything streamlined. Add an easygoing mix of the rare (such as the antique Chinese vase) and the affordable (lots of Ikea finds) and it's clear that Ann's home is a friendly as well as a comfortable space to live in. More photos here, too. Via Sköna hem.

(Photography by Pernille Hed)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Simple Pleasures

Picnics, especially on a leisurely summer afternoon, with good company, plenty of good food and a book or a game on hand, too. Lovely photograph by Samantha Lamb, via weheartit.

Complex Geometries

Love these pieces by Complex Geometries, discovered via the always wonderful simplyolive. Deceptively simple, but with such an elegant purity of form.

Sponsor Spotlight

Genevieve of Holme has something new at her shop, a little different than the usual mix of awesome vintage clothing — the first in a cool new series of paperworks. It's a wall sized photocopy print of a disappearing pier, made from a found image. Available for $20, in a limited edition of 20, it's great affordable art. But if you'd rather just shop for clothes, there's even more good news — Genevieve says she'll be adding a sale section soon, too!

Rachael of Number Eight has a wonderful new series of art dolls in her shop, all made from reclaimed antique materials and designed for display. Shown here is a Victorian bisque doll bust with real glass brown eyes and its original paint, embellished by Rachael with two beauty marks, a gorgeous pink wool wig, a blue birdcage veil, a vintage flower with vintage Czech glass bead center and a silver thread choker. So pretty and charming!

Danielle of the always charming Stitchface shop has exciting news — she was recently honoured as a Featured Seller on Etsy! Yay! Go read her fantastic interview — she's a truly fun and lovely person as well as being so talented and creative. Be sure to visit her shop to see what's new there, too!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Hope your Monday is off to a good start! I love the sense of playfulness in this photograph by the ten cent designer — a great reminder not to take things too seriously this week. Via Holga.

A House in the Trees

This small modern home of glass and wood in St. Peter, Austria, is a nest by nature — it sits perched on concrete stilts among the surrounding trees, which provide privacy and the impression of being deep in a forest. Constructed as a pair of modules, with a total area of 220 square metres, the two main rooms look out over the trees and have a lovely filtered natural light during the day. Underneath, a summer dining room has been created, with a curtain of white cotton that slides around the base when a more intimate atmosphere is desired. With its simple palette of wood, slate and glass, this arboreal home lends itself to a more contemplative way of living, above the noise and distraction of the surrounding city. Via Marie Claire Maison.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Happy weekend! Hope it's a lovely one. This pretty still life was photographed by the seriously talented Ta, via Oh Sweet Woods.

Domino Archive: Orange Crush

Some bright inspiration in orange, from Domino's Deco Files. I particularly like it when used as a punch of colour in a neutral space — so effective without being overpowering.
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