Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Tiny Weekend Retreat

What was once an old boat shed on the waterfront has been imaginatively reinvented by Jacques and Agnes Choi as a tiny weekend retreat for two. Though only 17 square metres in size — and without running water or electricity — it's not only eco-friendly but stylish as well. Via Marie Claire Maison.

From top to bottom:

The large awning over the mini-terrace is actually theatre canvas, and slides open or shut on metal tubes, creating an open living area shaded from the direct sun.

An attention to detail in the choice of colour gives the lounge the feel of a mini-loft. Two chests on wheels, each topped with a mattress, serve as beds, sofas and storage. A linen curtain provides privacy by sliding along the central beam. A tiny wood stove is a source of heat on chilly nights.

Kitchen and Dining Area
At meal times, the table and folding chairs are brought out onto the terrace, which is transformed for the occasion as the dining room. Torches and hurricane lamps, suspended from a rod attached to the main beam, provide lighting. Lemongrass candles create a more intimate atmosphere while keeping away mosquitoes.

All of the cooking utensils and dishware are stored on a single trolley and shelves, linked visually by the black painted panel on the wall. As there's no kitchen sink, the Chois do their dishes in the river, using an organic product. Cooking is done on the wood stove.

Wash Area
A bathing area has been created using a bricklayer's trough as a bowl, placed on an Ikea serving shelf painted bright pea green. Water is stored in the jerry can.


BlondieLox said...

yes yes yes.

Jane Flanagan said...

Oh it's perfection. If I close my eyes and wish really hard, can I be whisked away!?

Jessie {A Punctuated Life} said...

Oh I love love love when rustic architecture is mixed with clean, modern lines!

from the right bank said...

I remember seeing this house on a design show in Paris a few years ago and I loved it! If I remember correctly, they even had a little canoe they would take out on the lake. It was all too cute.

tania lovering designs said...

Wowee I love the simple shade structure

jen jafarzadeh said...

what a dream getaway spot!

Leigha said...

Hi Lori. Love this place - you have such gems in your archives!

Wrote a little something about your loveliness at EcoSalon this week:

Have a gorgeous week dear.


automatism said...

I saw that, Leigha, and I'm still blushing!!! Thanks so much for your lovely post about automatism — you're the best!

Good week to you too, sweets!


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