Thursday, April 30, 2009


Welcome to this week's links. Enjoy.

The Joy of Exclamation Marks
Stuart Jeffries of the Guardian has a fun and insightful look at the history and recent renaissance of the exclamation mark. OMG!!! :-)

Cleaning Up the Men's Mess
Politics in Iceland have taken an interesting turn recently in the wake of the spectacular financial meltdown that's brought the country to its current crisis state — and now having women at the helm is seen by many as the best chance for Iceland to solve its problems. Fascinating moment in political history.

Cartier, Then and Now
Great little NYT slide show of some classic (and stunning) jewelry design in the Cartier archives. You can read the related article here, too.

Traditional Home Bedroom Sweepstakes
Nathan emailed me yesterday about The Traditional Home Bedroom Sweepstakes — a chance for one lucky person to win a $20,000 professional bedroom makeover from the magazine. It's underway now, and you can enter as often as you like before the deadline of June 21. The winner will be announced on or around July 2.

Le Moulin
Scottish expatriate Sarah began her Le Moulin blog as a way of keeping friends and family up to date on the gradual restoration of the old watermill she and her husband BB own in a small rural village in the French Alps. Gradually Sarah's love of food has crept in, and now it's a tantalizing blend of wonderful recipes as well as stories of living and renovating in the French countryside.

Mid-Century Stunners
Biba at inspiration bubble had a great post a while ago featuring gorgeous mid-century modern interiors — definitely worth a revisit. Awesome.

Japan Tidies Up Paris
Apparently, “Japan syndrome” hits about 10 Japanese tourists to Paris a year. Thomas White describes it as when "... its victims are so disappointed at the dirty streets and rude waiters that they succumb to a nervous breakdown at the idea of having wasted a week of leave and savings on a trip to the City of Lights." Read the rest of his article to find out the unusual solution to this condition devised by a group of 20 Japanese expatriates in Paris.

Donna Hay Recipes
The wonderful Donna Hay has lots of great recipes on her website — have a look here for quick (and frequently quick to make) inspiration.

Dining room photograph via Domino Deco Files.


Jane Flanagan said...

Le Moulin is amazing. I'm dying to go through the rest... slow week for me!

liza said...

The Cartier pieces are beautiful! (I'm slightly self-concious, now, about that exclamation mark ;))(but not about my emoticon). The article about the Japanese cleaning up the Champs Elysees is so humorous and sad at the same time. One trash bag every 100 feet! I love your buffets. Thank you for putting them together.

automatism said...

You're more than welcome, Jane and Liza. And please don't feel self-conscious about expressing your thoughts with exclamation marks, Liza — enjoy 'em!!!


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