Thursday, December 04, 2008


Happy browsing!

Five in Focus: Jonathan Adler
Film in Focus has a great series called Five in Focus, in which they ask all kinds of interesting people to share their five favourite films. Here, star designer Jonathan Adler describes his five fave design films.

Muji Award 03
The results of this year's Muji Award international design competition are in. Lots of great ideas. Via Kottke.

Rock Stars in Their Parents' Homes
I saw this on lovely Joanna's Cup of Jo blog, and had to share it, too — from the Life collection of photos, portraits by John Olson of 1970s rock stars in the homes of their parents. Awesome.

100 Notable Books of 2008
The New York Times has their annual list of notable books — lots of great titles for holiday reading.

Organic for Three Years
Dr. Alan Greene, a pediatrician and author in Danville, Calif., decided to see what it would be like to eat nothing but organic foods for three years — at home, dining out or snacking on the road. Although he frequently found it challenging (and was forced to go without eating a few times) he found that the benefits (more energy, less illness) so worthwhile that he's planning to continue ...

Yabba Dabba DIY
Bill LeMaster made a fully functional Flintstones car from scratch for his grandkids, and he's kindly shared his plans for it with Make magazine so you can, too. Really cute.

2008 Good Gift Games
Matthew Baldwin of The Morning News makes his pick of this year's offering of board games that have three basic criteria: "... easy to learn, with rules that can be explained in less than five minutes; entertaining enough that even the guy who comes in dead last has a great time playing; quick, lacking downtime, and requiring an hour or less to complete."

The Criterion Collection
Wow. The Criterion Collection has a brand new website, and what's even more exciting is that you can now watch their movies online (with a cost of $5 for a week's rental, which is applied toward the cost of the film on DVD or Blu-ray). So far there's only 17 movies online, but they'll continue to add more. Considering the quality of the films currently available, such as (Tarkovsky's) Solaris, Cléo From Five to Seven, and Lord of the Flies, it's an exciting start. Via Kottke.

The beautiful interior above was photographed by Trine Thorsen.

21 Days of Noël

Stylist Charlotte de La Grandière offers an interesting alternative to the Christmas tree — silvery branches, artificial orchids, delicate tiny silver balls and glass pendants are loosely gathered together and spontaneously stapled directly to the wall. A tiny red bird flutters gently above. Scanned from a vintage copy of Marie Claire Maison (December 2003/January 2004 issue)
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