Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy browsing!

Wish List of Extinct Species to Bring Back Again
With the advances in DNA regeneration, recreating extinct prehistoric animals (à la Jurassic Park) is beginning to look more and more possible within our lifetime. Nicholas Wade of The New York Times draws up his personal wish list of species he'd like to see again. Via The Morning News.

Reverse Graffiti
Lovely Abbey of Aesthetic Outburst has an interesting post about the Reverse Graffiti Project, which, unlike the usual graffiti that adds images and words to walls with paint, creates its images by washing grime and dirt off selectively through stencils. Fascinating idea.

The 7 Best Lip Balms
W Magazine lists their favourite picks of the zillions of lip balms out there, just in time for winter. They all sound delicious!

The Agony of Quitting
This is a recent story that I illustrated for the Globe and Mail, but that's not why I'm mentioning it here. Despite a sombre subject matter (a man unhappy in his new job finds out his father has been diagnosed with terminal cancer) it's a lovely lesson on how adversity can teach us to have the courage to live happy lives.

Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash Soup
We're getting messy and slushy rain/snow around here — I think this soup would be the perfect antidote to a cold, damp and miserable day.

Meet Britain's Biggest Gigaholic
"After more than 5,000 gigs over 35 years, rock fan Ray Morrissey can claim to be Britain's most prolific concert-goer. On piles of notebook pages in Mr Morrissey's front room, thousands of gigs are listed ... (in what is) a personal history of British music, documenting the hazy glory of rock 'n' roll superstars and long-forgotten bands alike in meticulous, matter-of-fact detail." Passionate!

Regrets and Fist Bumps

DJ Stout, a partner with the almost mythic Pentagram design firm, talks about how good (and adventurous) editorial illustration used to be, and how difficult it is nowadays to get clients to use it, as they try to play it safe with photography (an attitude unfair to both illustrators and photographers). Seems like the New Yorker is the a lone voice in the wilderness ...

Anonymous Works
Great blog by the LA-based Joey, featuring American primitive folk art, vernacular photography, outsider art, and " ...basically anything visually interesting and great." And it is great. Via Cindy (thanks!)

The beautiful photograph above is by Marcus Nilsson, via The Bedlam of Beefy.

Armchair Traveler: Gotland

A lovely textured photograph of Gotland sheep by Astrid Westvang, on Flickr.
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