Monday, November 10, 2008

Simple Pleasures

Sleeping in.

This lovely photo is by the wonderful Jen Gotch, via her Flickr page. Have a look at her website here, too.

Art Space

Another one of the beautiful properties managed by Airspace, Art Space is a loft located in southeast London that features white walls going up to 24 foot ceilings, white painted floorboards and shutters, classic French furniture, and loads of natural light. More photos here, too. Lovely.

Globe and Mail Illustration

This is the illustration I did for a Remembrance Day story in the Facts and Arguments section of today's Globe and Mail. The writer Howard Fluxgold relates how, as a child, his mother would cover his mouth with her hand to show people how much he looked like her brother from the nose up. Fluxgold then goes on to describe his search as an adult to discover the actual fate of his uncle (who died in WWII). My concept was to tie the past and present together in this piece, with the family resemblance being the link. You can read the story online here.
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