Thursday, October 30, 2008

Buffet Special

Welcome to a special Hallowe'en edition of Buffet, where you'll find a few seasonal entries mixed in with the usual links. Enjoy.

Top Ten Haunted Houses in the UK
Ten spooky houses and hotels with lots of eerie residents, ranging from the terrifying experiences of a guest at Tulloch Castle Hotel in Scotland, who awoke to feel two ghostly girls sitting on his chest in an apparent attempt to suffocate him, to the benign ghost of a children's nursemaid in the Welsh hotel Maes-y-Neuadd's Morfa Suite, who creates an atmosphere of calm in her presence — guests find themselves drifting pleasantly off to sleep.

Industrial Landscapes
Photographer Dave Bullock is inspired by the bleak industrial wastelands of America, and manages to find both beauty and dignity in an unpromising subject matter. Via Cindy (thanks!)

The Literary Gothic
A website dedicated to classic gothic fiction, from its earliest 18th century origins up to 1950. There are quite a few links to etexts, so you can read online the full stories or novels of many long-forgotten writers in this genre. Perfect for getting into the mood for Hallowe'en!

OrangeBeautiful 2009 Calendar
A quick reminder that there's still time to pre-order a copy of OrangeBeautiful's gorgeous 2009 calendar, though you'd better hurry as there's only a couple left ...

How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds
A quick and easy recipe — you can nibble on the seeds while you finish carving the Hallowe'en pumpkin. Via Tastespotting.

Lost Film Footage of Edwardian London
An Australian historian looking through archives in Canberra has discovered a 12 minute reel of film shot in 1904 as a 'travelogue' for Australians curious about life in London. Besides what you'd expect (scenes of Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square), it also has glimpses of everyday life at that time, which makes it a fascinating social document as well as a piece of tourism history. Via Polymeme.

Where There's Smoke
Dutch designer Maarten Baas literally burns vintage tables, chairs and cupboards before burnishing the remains with an epoxy resin. The blackened results have an eerie presence, and would be right at home in a Tim Burton movie. Via Remodelista.

The Mincing Mockingbird
This is the Etsy shop of a mysterious Los Angeles-based artist who paints exquisite portraits of birds with very funny titles. Go have a look.

The eerie spider web eggs are from Martha Stewartrecipe is here.

Sometimes ...

... fashion is inexplicable. One of the more puzzling trends from the Fall 2008 ready to wear collections was horror chic. These two Addams Family-inspired looks are by Thom Browne.
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