Friday, October 17, 2008


Happy weekend! Hope it's a relaxing one. This pretty (and very comfortable-looking) photograph is by Nan Whitney. Via Desire to Inspire.

Mini Modern

This tiny 16 square metre duplex in Paris was cleverly expanded by the addition of a small L-shaped mezzanine, reached by a floating folded sheet metal staircase. In turn the staircase leads from a white box that encorporates a TV and a kitchen cupboard. Below, the kitchen alcove can be instantly hidden from the living space by the silver slatted blind. Above, in the office/sleep space, the bedding is neatly folded away each morning, leaving the office free for working in. The bathroom is tucked away in the small end of the mezzanine and receives natural light through an interior window. Thoughtfully designed, this tiny home is an elegant solution to the eternal problem of living well in limited space. Via Marie Claire Maison.
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