Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Simple Pleasures

The brilliant Carol Lombard in comedies such as My Man Godfrey. (photo via booboogb on Flickr)

Welcome to a new weekly post on automatism. Simple Pleasures is all about enjoying the small good things in life, such as the smell of fresh bread, a friend's laugh, or the scarlet glow of autumn leaves in the afternoon sun. Many little moments of happiness add up to a very good life.

Black and White Living Spaces

Today I've picked a few of my faves from Domino Magazine's gallery of black and white living rooms. I've always liked the clean look of a simple colour scheme in a room, enlivened with dashes of colour here and there. I also dream of bookcases that cover an entire wall and wrap around a doorway, becoming a focused architectural element in a room — so much nicer than the odd bookcase scattered here and there. From top to bottom, photography by: Paul Costello (October 2005); Simon Upton (June 2006); Corey Walters (May 2005); Simon Upton (June 2006); Paul Costello (June 2006). You can browse more Domino galleries here, too.
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