Monday, September 15, 2008


123 wall sticker. I also quite like this photograph ...

Map plates, so you can check out the neighborhood of your next trip (that is, in New York, Venice, Tokyo, London, Paris or Rome) over lunch.

A reconditioned portable gramaphone from the 1930s. Perfect for playing hot jazz at your next cocktail party.

A Silver Dreyfuss 500 Desk Phone, to add a retro glam note to your office.

Deborah Bowness hand printed wallpaper, to liven up a dull wall or two.

Pedlars has a seriously great selection of quirky and original items, both new and vintage, for the home. It's also a whole lot of fun just to browse, even if you're not shopping for anything in particular ...

Illustration: Ameesha Lee

This lovely illustration, done for Illustration Friday's Clutter theme, is by Ameesha Lee, an Australian illustrator now living in Canada. I love its delicate patterns and tones ... and the subtle sense of humour, too.
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