Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yellow House, Blue Sea

This new Swedish summer home has been built using traditional construction methods, but here and there the two architects have added more modern features, such as in the living room shown here. Pivoting steel lacquered windows, slightly larger than the traditional windows, allow more light in while still preserving heat. The simple white colour scheme is enlivened with touches of colour from a red lampshade and ottoman. The barbed wire chandelier is by Tove Adman, and the lacquered metal chair is by Jasper Morrison. At the far left can be seen the large contemporary fireplace in grey stone.

In the simply furnished parents' bedroom, the mobile suspended above the bed adds a touch of colour. Texture provides additional visual interest, seen in details such as the bedside table, a traditional Swedish basket made from woven birch slats.

Overlooking the living area is the kitchen, where owner Nils Tunebjer prepares breakfast for the family with the help of his daughter. A hanging pleated lampshade and a red wool carpet add a warm note.

Streamlined and functional, the bathroom, lined floor to ceiling with grey sandstone mosaic tiles, is spacious and well lit by large windows. A partial wall protects the rest of the bathroom from stray tub splashes.

The design of this charming Swedish summer home -- by the architects Thomas Sandell and Anders Landstrom -- was based on the classic wooden house of Scandinavian architecture. Built according to traditional methods of construction, its roughly squared logs were slotted together by tenon and mortise joints -- not a nail or screw was used in the entire house. Because this was the prototype house of a firm of architects, Nils Tunebjer, the proud owner of this house, actually bought it at auction! He then had to dismantle and store it (a feature of these traditional wood houses is that they can be dismantled and lifted easily) while he searched for an appropriate piece of land to install his new home. Now settled happily into its permanent locale overlooking the sea, this lovely home is a relaxed place to while away the long Swedish summers. Via Marie Claire Maison.
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