Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Studio Makeover

The new Ikea catalogue that appeared in my mailbox last week just confirmed what I've been thinking for a while now -- my tiny studio/office needs to be reorganized in a big way. I'm faced with the common problem of little space, lots of stuff, and a limited budget. I'm also thinking that if I'm going to start moving things around, now would be the time to make it a more inspiring space as well as a neater one, too. So, with some lovely photos to get me started, plus an upcoming run to Ikea for some handy organizing thingies for all the paperwork floating around, hopefully it'll soon be a much more pleasant work space around here ...

From top to bottom: LivingEtc., Ellen Silverman Photography, Marie Claire Maison (I think), Domino Magazine.

Armchair Traveler: 10 Eccentric Travel Guides

Paul Collins of Slate Magazine has put together a fascinating list of the 10 oddest travel guides ever published, which, judging from the descriptions, are either amusing, appalling or just plain baffling (or, all three). The photograph of the steely-eyed lady motorcyclist is from the Vintage Photographs blog.
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