Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We Design Stories

Holly Willis has an interesting story in VOICE about Six to Start, a London-based company who, taking a break from creating alternate reality games, worked with Penguin UK to produce six web-based interactive stories by six contemporary authors, using six classic titles from the Penguin library as starting points. An exciting glimpse into the potential of literature online. Read the full article here. Shown above is the homepage for the We Tell Stories website.


After graduating from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, Ugandan-born designer Lincoln Kayiwa started his own brand product design company, called Kayiwa. Shown here is his Tukaani cutlery design, inspired by (and named after) the bill of the toucan. Hand made and crafted from sterling silver, Tukaani is designed for Asian food consumers in the West, and is used in the same manner as chopsticks, but (unlike the traditional wooden variety) is also machine and hand washable. You can contact Lincoln for more info on purchasing and/or ordering a set of Tukaani.

Emily has a fun new type print available from her Orange Beautiful Etsy shop, called Cash Money. Available in six different colour combinations, it'll either inspire you to save your pennies or blow it all on something great (maybe like this print).

California-based Anisha Ghosh launched her online shop Saffron Marigold in 2005 after falling in love with traditional Indian handcrafted textiles while traveling through India. As the artist and designer behind Saffron Marigold's products, she brings a fresh twist to the traditional Indian motifs that inspire her, adding a modern colour palette to her line of handcrafted, hand block textiles, all printed on 100% cotton. Anisha also brings a slow clothes movement philosophy to her business -- her textiles are created with an eye to safeguarding traditional crafts, and are dedicated to Fair Trade practices. Have a look at the Saffron Marigold range of bedding and linens here.

Welcome to a new feature on automatism: Pot-pourri. Pot-pourri is a selection of the email news I receive occasionally about upcoming art shows, new shops, the latest in the design world, fashion, books and other good things that I think you'll find interesting.

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