Friday, July 18, 2008


Happy weekend! May you find beauty in the unexpected. This lovely photo is from the portfolio of photographer Francine Zaslow, whom I discovered via Design is Mine. You should really have a look at Francine's extraordinary website -- not only is her work beautiful, but the site design is amazing, too.

Vintage Posters

The aptly named Totally Amazing Posters has a fantastic collection of vintage posters from all over Europe. Looking at these, I can see the influence of Surrealism and other art movements in quite a few of these (such as the de Chirico-ish ad for Il Tempo in the bottom right corner) -- interesting to see how fine art spilled over to popular art.

White Elephant Vintage

Hollie and Jane over at White Elephant Vintage have another great theme sale at their shop. This time it's vintage sports and games pieces, with loads of fun items such as bull horns, game boards, boxing gloves, bowling pins, magic sets, roller skates, bingo rollers ... the list goes on. Hurry over to check it out before it's all gone!
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