Thursday, July 10, 2008


A refreshing selection of links to nibble away on during a warm summer afternoon. Enjoy.

A True Kafkaesque Tale
The strange but true story of the lost papers of 20th century literary giant Franz Kafka, hoarded for 40 years in the Tel Aviv flat of Kafka's executor's secretary.

The Vintage Cookbooks Pool
A Flickr pool of charming (and at times funny) vintage cookbooks.

Florence in Photos
A stunningly beautiful Flickr photo set by B. Katt. Makes me want to drop everything and rush off to Italy right this second ...
Designer clothes and accessories delivered to your doorstep. They also have fantastic sales that are well worth checking out. I recently purchased a beautiful pair of Kate Spade slingbacks from them, at half price.

The Top Ten Albums of 1989
Andrew Womack of The Morning News puts together a fantastic list of great music from 1989. Lots of good stuff to revisit.

Designing Homes for the Homeless
Jim Lewis of the New York Times Magazine looks at the many problems inherent in designing shelter for the staggering numbers of displaced people around the world (the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that there are around 33 million people currently "of concern" at the moment), and what architects need to consider when tackling this serious problem.

It's back! And better than ever.

Trash Bag Balloon Animals
If you haven't got around to checking this out (it's been on the Web a lot over the last few weeks), take a look now at artist Joshua Allen Harris's fantastic balloon animals, created from garbage bags and tape and then positioned over subway exhaust grates in New York. Totally fun and accessible street art. Via Boing Boing.

The wonderfully cool and delicious salad photograph is by Ellen Silverman.

Armchair Traveler: A Summer Retreat

This lovely photograph by Virginia MacDonald reminds me of the classic children's book The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgeson Burnett. I hope that you have your own special corner of greenery to enjoy this summer, whether it's in the backyard, on a plant-filled balcony, or under a favourite shady tree in a park.
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