Thursday, June 26, 2008


Hope you enjoy this week's sampling of links ...

Fifty Best Ever Summer Holiday Books
The Telegraph has a great selection of big juicy reads, old and new, to enjoy while on a dock by the lake, a blanket on the beach, or a bench in the park.

World Freehand Circle Drawing Champion
Amazing video of the champ in action -- not only is it perfectly drawn, but it's done unbelievably fast, too. Via where we play.

Bonjour mon coussin
A French company that creates some of the most interesting cushions I've ever seen. I featured one of them in a post last week, but go look -- there's lots more to check out.

Paper Cuts
Paper Cuts is the New York Times book blog, by the editors of the NYT Book Review. Lots of great posts — a quick glance today reveals a meditation on calligraphy, a Polish production of MacBeth, George Carlin, the truth of JFK's Ich bin Berliner speech, plus this link to the Guardian, which recently asked its arts critics to cover sports for a day — and vice versa.

Gone In Sixty Seconds
A lovely tribute to the design legacy of the Polaroid, written by Phil Patton. Via Design Observer.

Interior Desecrators
Baffling and at times terrifying examples of 1970s interiors. Not for the sensitive. :)

Diamond Dyes Trade Cards
The See Saw blog has an interesting post about the brilliantly coloured trade cards of the Wells Richardson Company, who in the 19th century patented, manufactured and distributed analyne dyes under the name of Diamond Dyes. A glimpse into the infancy of print advertising.

Johnny Loco
Fabulous bicycles and more. I want one of these. Via eye candy.

The delicious photograph above is by Ellen Silverman, who is pretty much one of my fave photographers. Lovely work.

Happy Summer

It's officially summer! Well, as of last Friday, but anyway. Hope you have a lovely one. This is a photo I took three years ago, of the old aluminum canoe at my mum's place by the lake. The water was so still and reflective that paddling in the canoe was like skimming over clouds. It really was a beautiful day.
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