Monday, June 23, 2008

Archive: Concentrated Style

Textile designer Dominique Kieffer's 60 square meter apartment in Paris is proof that elegant living doesn't need a lot of space. Located in a former hotel built in the 18th century, Dominique's home uses harmonious tones of browns, beiges, and deep violets to give visual continuity to the tiny space, while doubling up on the purpose of each room (such as using the entrance as a dining area) means that every inch of the apartment is used intelligently. Dominique's collection of paintings, engravings and sculpture contribute to its warm atmosphere of a 19th century artist's atelier, all enhanced with the use of her own fabric designs for the soft furnishings (sofa, bed, cushions, drapes). Inspiring and beautiful. Scanned from a late 90s edition of Marie Claire Maison.

Bread & Honey

Summer of the lovely Design is Mine blog sent along a note this weekend about the new food blog she's started with her friend Alice, called Bread & Honey. It's the perfect venue for Summer, a baker, and Alice, a food photographer, and though it's still new there's already a whole slew of delicious recipes, all beautifully photographed, to check out. The charming shot above is Alice's fun interpretation of Summer's Rosewater Cupcakes.
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