Monday, June 16, 2008

Cindy Picks

Sculptor Ageli Batle makes beautifully detailed sculptures of natural objects (leaves, shells, horns, feathers -- even hands) in graphite that are also usable as pencils.

Minimalist sculptor and video artist Richard Serra at Pearson International Airport.

Fractal 23, a chest of drawers by Takeshi Miyakawa Design, is an optical wonderland for your woollies.

Cindy Deachman is a freelance editor and writer who I met last year when she contacted me to do an illustration for Burnt Toast, a great little food culture magazine she started and ran for several years (now sadly no more). The one illustration led to several others which were among the most interesting (and just plain fun) assignments I've ever done. Cindy still keeps in touch with those who've worked with her on the mag with emails of her web finds -- quirky stories, objects, or ideas that she's come across and just has to share. Here's a few of her recent discoveries -- enjoy. Thanks again, Cindy!

Archive: An Elegant Studio

French sculptor and painter Suzanne Delarue's atelier is as beautiful as her work. The extensive use of white in her home serves as a sympathetic backdrop for her favourite delicate tones, derived from nature. These notes of soft green or mineral brown are brightened by the gold mirror frames and architectural features hung throughout the space. Filled with natural light by day, at night the studio is transformed by the glow of lit candles into a warm and intimate space, made luminous by the reflections of firelight in the gilding. Scanned from a mid-90's issue of Marie Claire Maison. (photos: P. Van Robaeys)
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