Friday, May 30, 2008


Happy weekend! This serene image is by Canadian photographer Virginia MacDonald, and to me it looks like the perfect spot to be on a Sunday afternoon, book in hand, cup of tea at the ready (though upon closer inspection it appears to be a bathroom. But anyway). Via desire to inspire.

Decorating Small Spaces

Making a virtue out of necessity: a studio apartment has a stylish bed that doubles as seating for guests. (photo by Photo by Douglas Friedman, April 2007)

Open shelves and a magnetic knife strip keep a tiny kitchen organized and easy to work in. (photo by Melanie Acevedo, October 2006)

The layered look: stacking furniture for an interesting storage solution. (photo by Simon Upton, June 2006)

A freestanding shelf unit gives a work area privacy while still allowing natural light in. (photo by Annie Schlechter, May 2006)

Low walls create intimacy without sacrificing space. (photo by Douglas Friedman, April 2007)

Rethinking what you have: here, a garage has been converted into an office. (photo by Melanie Acevedo, February 2007)

Domino Magazine has a great Galleries section on their website, with loads of inspiring spaces to look at for ideas – these are a few of the ones I particularly liked while browsing the small spaces gallery.
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