Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Eco Computing

This intriguing and sculptural object is actually a computer. Built by the Canadian company Suissa Computers, the Enlighten is the elegant result of a conscientious approach to building a PC. Using a clean and eco-friendly production process, Suissa Computers builds cases designed to last forever, utilizes high performance components that do not need frequent replacing, and recycles the metal and acrylic off-cuttings for each of its six PC designs. Find out more and have a look at five other designs on the Suissa Computers website here. With a computer this good looking, having your office in your living area isn't a constant reminder of work anymore ... Via notcot.

Hof Residence

Something a little different today -- the Hof residence in Iceland, designed by Studio Granda. The Hofs live in the Skakafjordur fjord, less than 100 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. Their house is made up of a series of sheer cedar and concrete walls designed to weather naturally, while details such as reusing the field grass (now on the roof), and the basalt (used on both external surfaces and inside for the living and circulation areas), both originally removed when digging the foundations, show a sensitivity to the surrounding environment. Most of the internal walls are of raw or painted concrete, while the ceilings, doors and other carpentry are oiled sawn oak. More details (and photos) of this interesting house can be found here. Via arcspace. (Photos: Sigurgeir Sigurjónsson)
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