Friday, May 23, 2008


Happy Weekend! This delicately beautiful photograph is called Baby Blue, and it's by Lauriann Wakefield. You can find it (and lots of other lovely work) at her Etsy shop here. In fact, I just purchased another one of her prints -- the cherry blossom one I featured in a Weekend post in April (this one). Can't wait for it to arrive in the mail.

Archive: Bavarian Modern

The beautiful Bavarian home of Gabriele Strehle started life as a hay barn, and the date it was built -- 1759 -- can still be seen carved into one of the original beams in the main living area. When she was remodeling the barn Strehle had these beams carefully dismantled, cleaned, and then lifted, one by one, back into place. The high windows around the living area are dressed in curtains of linen, silk and suede, which soften the severe lines of the space. Over in the entrance area, the walls separating it from the kitchen are made from squared wooden beams, once the exterior walls of a nearby cottage. An excellent cook, Gabriele chose to install her kitchen in front of her office, so she could move quickly from one space to the other. The kitchen itself has been kept simple in its layout but uses luxurious materials -- stainless steel and wenge wood -- for impact. For the dining room, the walls of wood panelling and tiled stove, left by a previous owner, have been retained in a nod to the look of a traditional Bavarian home, while the tables and chairs continue the kitchen theme of wenge wood. Through the dining room door, a simple stone staircase leads back up to the living room where we started. And there you have it -- a home that is an exercise in sumptuous restraint.

Scanned from Maison Marie Claire, early 2000. (sorry - no record of the photographer for this story).

Fan Mail

The lovely Jane of Ill Seen, Ill Said has a post about me (specifically, about my illustration work) today which is not only amazingly flattering but amazingly sweet of her, too. You can read it here. I hope that you're already making a habit of visiting Jane's lovely blog regularly. Not only does she have a great eye, but I love her writing style -- observant, warm and funny. It's a daily treat for me, and I hope it will be for you, too. The photo, incidentally, is an unknown Ziegfeld girl, by an unknown photographer.
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