Friday, May 09, 2008


Have a lovely weekend! This Polaroid, one of a beautiful series by Jen Gotch of her recent trip to Paris, has me longing to go back to the City of Light in a big way. For now, though, it'll be bowls of café au lait (or maybe chocolat) for Sunday morning...

Poetry Magazine Covers

Illustration by Polly Becker: “La Clemanza de Tito,” 2004.

Illustration by Aurel Schmidt: “Slip and Slide (detail)” 2008

Illustration by Vivienne Flesher: “Woman's Head,” 2007.

Illustration by Henrik Drescher: “Dancers: Superjiggernaughty,” 2005.

Illustration by Stas Orlovski: “Head with Birds,” 2003.

These are just a few examples from a gorgeous Flickr collection of covers for Poetry Magazine, art directed by Winterhouse from April 2005 to the present and featuring stellar illustrators. Via Design Observer.
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